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The Denman

Regular price $125.00

The Denman is clean and calming with a fresh and playful look. The palette of muted greens, greys and creams brings an air sophistication to the space, and is layered with matte black accents for an elegant contrast. Paired with playful patterned floor tiles and the soft frosted globe multi-light fixture, this room will leave you feeling energized and inspired. 

All fixtures and finishes for the Denman have been carefully chosen by top interior designers and sourced from local suppliers that our designers know and trust. Because understanding what to look for can take years of knowledge and experience, you can rest assured that the materials selected for this room are not only beautiful to look at but also meet our high standards of quality and durability.

Order the sample box to assess the quality and colour of materials before you invest in the room. When you’re ready to place a material order, we offer the flexibility to order through us (and access an average savings of 10%), or purchase the Specification Package to manage the order yourself.

Item Approximate retail Price Measure
Floor tile $9 per sq ft
Wall tile $6 per sq ft
Towel racks and hooks $28-62 each
Lighting fixtures $350 each
Cabinet hardware $7 each
Faucet $546 each
Sink $275 each
Shower components $67-368
Bathtub $678 each
Toilet $440 each

How it works

1. Find your style
2. Order the sample box
3. Order your materials
4. Installation
5. Installation

Inside the Box

The Denman sample box includes:

Floor tile

Wall tile


Black metal finish for plumbing and hardware accessories,

Countertop sample

Wall and ceiling paint swatches

Cabinet paint colour

The sample box provides some of the room's finishes, but does not include all the materials offered with each room. See "what's in the room" below for a full list of available materials.

What's in the Room

Pendant Lighting Fixture
Shower Kit
Towel Rod
Robe Hook
Toilet Paper Holder
Countertop Sample
Shower Tile
Wall Paint
Floor Tile
Vanity Paint Sample

Want to skip the box?

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