How it Works

1. Find your style

Browse our collection of curated rooms and get inspired. Every detail of our rooms is hand-selected by professional designers to bring you perfectly put-together spaces that match your unique vision and style. From minimalistic modern, timeless classic, trendy, and everything in-between, we have a look we know you’ll love. We’re always adding to the archives to keep our collections fresh and relevant, with a portion of each sale going directly to the designer of that room. Good design has never been so effortless.

2. Order the Sample Box

Feel confident in your design decisions from day one. Once you find your style, order the room’s sample box and experience the design yourself. You’ll receive material samples and hand-picked finishes to look, feel, and visualize in your space before making your investment. That way, you’ll know exactly what to expect and, ultimately, save money. We’ve made our boxes as affordable and accessible as possible. Because while renovations can be overwhelming, good design shouldn’t be.

3. Order your materials

Whether you’re managing the renovation yourself or working closely with a contractor, we’ve made our ordering process as stress-free as possible with the flexibility to choose based on your situation. All you have to do is manage the installation, we'll take care of all the other logistics.

Order the room

Order the room directly through us and have everything you need delivered to your door. You’ll save an average of 10% on the cost of all materials while skipping the stress of sourcing everything yourself. And if you don’t want to order everything in the room, you don’t have to. You’re free to pick and choose the materials you’d like for your room based on our collections and the materials we have available at the time.

Purchase the specification package

Interested in ordering the materials yourself or have a contractor who needs to do their own ordering? Each finish and material are labeled, and we'll provide a comprehensive package of all material specifications and a purchasing guide. We’ll also include the contact information for the suppliers and where you can purchase these materials directly. We strongly recommend partnering with a qualified contractor with this option to assist with your measurements before ordering.

4. Installation

When ordering directly through The Room Archives, our team provides you with accurate lead times on your materials so you can plan your project accordingly. Now, time to bring your space to life.

Review our installation tips and blog posts for designer notes to help you elevate your space.

5. Enjoy your room

Explore our designs